New Year, New Website!

Attract more customers this year by getting a killer new website for your company.

To help get you started, we are offering a 10% discount on all purchases made from now until March 1st, 2018!

Affordable Marketing Services for Any Type of Business!

For Product Based Businesses

We will create a high converting e-commerce website for your business that will give customers easy access to view and purchase your products, and we will update products and stock at a moments notice.

For Service Based Businesses

We will create an exquisite landing page that displays the services your business provides to potential customers and give customers a convenient way to discover your services and contact your business.

For Business Ideas

We will help turn your idea into an icon. Whether it is a bakery, a floor cleaning business or any business you can imagine, we will create an innovative website for your business, that is guaranteed to attract more customers.
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Do You Need Help Advertising?

We Will…

-Research keywords for your campaign

-Help you set a monthly advertising budget

-Write creative sales copy for your advertisements

-Optimize your website’s landing page

-Analyze your results to see what works best

Do You Need a Website?

We Will…

-Host and manage your website

-Design your website in as fast as two days

-Make any change you request, at any time

-Optimize your website to rank higher

-Create an e-commerce shop for your business

We Will Bring Customers to You!

Website Design

We will design a responsive website for your business in as fast as two days, for as low as $100.00.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We will create attention grabbing advertisements and manage ad campaigns in order to bring more customers to you.

Search Engine Optimization

We will increase your website’s conversion rates and optimize your website so that it will rank higher on Google.

Blog Management

We will create and manage a blog column for your website, in order to increase your website’s organic traffic and Google ranking.

24 Hour Service

We will make changes to your website or advertisement campaign at a moments notice.


We will design an e-commerce shop for your business, so that your products will be available for purchase from anywhere at anytime.

Businesses We Have Helped:

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Our Purpose:

Zachary Keys founded Business Cannon, LLC. when he was 16 years old. He founded the company in order to help assist business owners make the transition into the 21st century world of online marketing. He garnered his marketing expertise by reading books, taking marketing classes and consulting with other proven online marketers.

He understood that many business owners were out of touch with technology, so he decided he had to help. Since the inception of Business Cannon, he and his team have changed the way people look at online marketing, and they have turned the process into something that is simple and affordable.

“We strive to be as affordable as possible, so that way our clients can get more customers –  without breaking the bank,”  Zachary Keys, CEO.

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