Our Story

Our Story

Business Cannon was created in January, 2017, with one intention: helping businesses grow. The company was founded with the intent of being the all-in-one solution for a business to expand without having the owner having to sacrifice time or finances.


In order to “blast your business to the top,” Business Cannon provides services all the way from the design of a website to the advertising and optimization of a website.


Business Cannon also functions as a marketing consultant for companies that have a website and advertising campaign, but aren’t getting the results they want.


Within a month of its creation, Business Cannon got its first client. We provided that customer with a responsive website that would give people the ability to learn more about their business and buy their products.


In as little as a week’s time, our first customer was now in front of everyone in the world, as opposed to being a small local business.


Being able to make a difference like that is what inspired us to keep striving for more. We kept our prices low, made our completion times faster and expanded our service selection.


Six months later, Business Cannon made the transition into its first office space, which is inside of the River District Printing / Maddyzack Designs & Promotional Products office located at 406 Main Street, Danville, VA. The office will be a place for customer consultations and other business operations.